VINYL Limited Collectors Edition "Voir Dire" by Will Haven

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More Details - VINYL Limited Collectors Edition "Voir Dire" by Will Haven

VINYL Limited Collectors Edition "Voir Dire" by Will Haven featuring exclusive artwork and sleeve. Order Now and receive the "Voir Dire" Digital album for FREE


"The higher the expectations of an album, the more easily shattered. But rest assured the "Voir Dire" release absolutely surpasses anything you could have hoped for." - Metal Hammer

"The Legendary Will Haven are back, with classic frontman Grady Avenell leading the charge. And with the new album "Voir Dire" they're heavier and more brutal than ever..." - RockSound Magazine

KKKK's "Voir Dire represents one of the year's strongest communications from metal's alternative fringe." - Kerrang! Magazine

"Will Haven make everyone else look shit, Held To Answer is one of the best song's of the year!" - Kerrang! Magazine

"The guitars are so detuned and heavy they could knock down buildings...The music here is so violent and empowering that youíll want to benchpress a juggernaut and throw it off a bridge after you hear it...Will Haven are the kind of metal band that should be huge...This isnít about marketing or trends, itís about a group of guys in a room making the most spectacular noise they can. Will Haven are living proof that the art of making a horrendous metallic racket is alive, well and looking to the future. - Maxim UK

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