Are you and sonic leader or a follower?

by Bieler Bros. on January 28, 2013

tumblr_mdyy32ByMn1rf98bio1_1280Are you a sonic leader or a follower? Are you just jumping on the bandwagon and trying to fit in? Or are you trying to create the trend? EVERYONE is influenced by previous heroes the question is are you taking what you have assimilated and moving it forward, really pushing the limits? Or are you just a rehashing what you think is popular? There is a fine line between being a cover band and simply sounding exactly like other bands and that line is razor thin. Hey you are making music and that is truly something to be respected. BUT if your goal is to walk amongst the few musical immortals and have your music and art mean something to people on a large scale…. you simply can’t be one of the sheep you need to be the shepherd.

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