22 Music Production Tips

by Bieler Bros. on January 14, 2013

If you’re serious about making music in the digital age then you need to be equally serious about backup. For most people it takes the loss of an important file to find the resolve to implement a proper backup strategy but hopefully after reading this you’ll be an instant convert.

If you are new to backup then you’re potentially in a better position to set up a system that is going to work for you now and in the future without any of the baggage that goes with an approach that has evolved over time. So lets look at Why you should backup your data? How to back it up? and When to do it?

Why is backing up important?

If you think of digital files not really existing until there is at least one copy then you’ll be well on the way to entering the backing up mindset. With only one version of that great mix or precious photo there are any number of potential mishaps that could reduce that to zero versions, here are just a few:

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